6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Java Script

Here are the top 6 reasons for why you should learn JavaScript Easy to learn: JS is a high-level language where things like type setting and compiling is done automatically, so it suits even people with no previous programming experience. Versatile: JS is multi-paradigm supporting among others procedural, event based, object oriented and functional programming….

Google Shopping! A new era of online shopping

Hello Guys! Did you heard of “GOOGLE SHOPPING”… Now, this can be considered as a new era of online shopping. Here, iĀ am want to defineĀ latest and finest information about Google Shopping. What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping, formerly Google Item Search, Google Products and Froogle. Google Shopping service is invented by Craig Nevill-Manning which allows…

This is Why you need social media marketing for your business.

Even though some old-fashioned company bosses are not fully aware of the truth that we are in the year 2016, most of the businessmen finally starting to appreciate that the world is definitely not what it was couple of decades ago.In this digital era your business has to visible more on social media then others….

Must Know Top 3 Graphic Design Inspiration Website

As a graphic designer, have you ever feel boring or blank minded? Now, here is the solution. This post is all about graphic design inspirational website one must check out. Each website has unique content with lots of ideas for new graphic designs. So just check out and get inspired… 1. USEPANDA Now, this is…

Must Know Trends in Web Development & Design in 2016

2014-15 was full of trends and updates for web development and so 2016 will be also a good year hopefully. There are a large number of trends in 2016 to take care of. We have pointed out 5 of them which may place a benchmark between all. 1. The Big Life of UI Designs User…