Must Know Trends in Web Development & Design in 2016

2014-15 was full of trends and updates for web development and so 2016 will be also a good year hopefully. There are a large number of trends in 2016 to take care of. We have pointed out 5 of them which may place a benchmark between all.

1. The Big Life of UI Designs

User Interface plays a vital role for websites. Usability of the website will increase with better user interface. UI is going to be a key for successful site auditing in 2016. As we were introduced the FLAT UI as MATERIAL UI, we are expecting more from the developers now. Making a good design is a challenge but making a great design works can be bigger challenge for the developers. A UI includes various components of a website, i.e.

i) Main Menu
There is no doubt that navigation system will increase the standard for the website. Quick, Responsive and Beautiful navigation system will place a benchmark.

ii) New User Registration
“A new user will only sign up, if he/she get a perfect contact form” – said by a Web-Guru. We are now too habitual to a beautiful form for registration. We are expecting much more quick registration process in future.

iii) Long Scroll Menu
Placing all the important content above the fold is now become past. Make user or visitor scroll down to your site will be the trend in 2016.

iv) Card Layout Structure
As we have in lot of website with card structure, we may see more in 2016 too. We can  say “Card layout” is given by Material UI. Rectangular shaped layout with information on them will give a quick overview of the website.

2. Animation

Animation is the key to make a website beautiful and interactive. There can be different sections of a website where animation can be take place.

i) Menu and Navigation
An animated menu or navigation system will increase the standard of the website

ii) Loading Time Animation
These animations can hold the user for more time

iii) Hover Animation
Animation appear while user/ viewer hover on an area.

iv) Video Background

As in 2015, we can see video background for websites in 2016 too. A simple and light video background can increase the visibility on the website. This is the key to work on individual sections. It also make gentle movement on the page.

v) Scrolling
And the last but not the least, Scrolling time animation can make your website more interactive than other.

3. Minor-Interactions

These are the interaction like turning off the alarm or liking a picture on Facebook. These effects will make a structure more usable and attractive.

These kinds of micro-interaction can help you in various ways like-

i) Watch the result in action

ii) Help a visitor to manipulate something.

iii) Communicate a status or feedback.

You have to make sure that these interaction works individually and not to be dependent on other structures. Micro-interaction are going to be a big part of the website and app. Every micro-interaction can lead to a making a device more human-like in usability.

4. Material Design

In 2015, Google launches their giant user interface ‘Material UI’. This was first introduced for android operating system smartphones. Now, this is going to be a key of success in web development and design. This UI make a website more interactive on usable.

The goal of Material UI is to make a clean and responsive interface and it is working perfect in this ‘Digital Era’. This is a perfect and richer alternative for the Flat UI. However, this UI is using shadows and depth like other UI. Material UI was intended to give a great UI and UX as so it does. Material UI makes a website or app more reliable to the users.

5. Responsive Designs.

As we know mobile-friendly websites become the soul for internet. A website which can convert its view as per device is known as responsive website.

This is going to be same trend in 2016 too. However in some of the area responsive websites need more time to built and the code become heavier for some browsers in smartphones. Adding more JavaScript and CSS can make a website slower than before.


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